The Journey Continues

The Journey Continues

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2022 with Covid now a routine part of life, the MakeWithTech family of services is rapidly expanding.  The discussion forum at now has over 3,000 registered members contributing over 13,000 posts.  The YouTube channel is approaching 70,000 subscribers and is in beta 5 approaching 2,500 registered users.

I've added a team of talented people in England, Canada, Zimbabwe, and Germany working together to move to a formal V1 release with the following exciting features:

  • Search for model templates at MakeWithTech and Thingiverse
  • Select a Model Template, Customize, Generate, Download, and Print
  • Save template parameters for reuse
  • Preview models before queuing for generation
  • Save generated files in STL, 3MF, SVG, and DXF formats
  • Model Creators can include modules, fonts, and CAD files with their templates
  • Models are rendered with the official OpenSCAD application
  • Tip model Creators via our Buy Me a Coffee integration
  • Create lists of favorite models
  • Share comments on Models
  • Share OpenSCAD scripts as templates for use with the online customizer
  • Develop OpenSCAD model templates online with no software to download
  • Private model template storage
  • Detailed model generation error logs
  • Participate in a rapidly expanding community of model template creators and makers using this exciting new tool

I am committed to ensuring the basic customizer features in are always free supported by premium subscriptions providing advanced features.

Feel free to head over to and share your thoughts about the MakeWithTech community and how you would recommend I partition the free and premium features at