I build and scale technology companies. Over the past 40 years I have founded, nutured and sold a number of companies in the software technology space.


I currently spend the majority of my time as a YouTuber helping non-technical people learn how to utilize technology to make things. Learning to create is one of the richest experiences a person can have.

Learning the power of video, and the opportunities created by new desktop manufacturing technologies has been eye opening.


The MakeWithTech (formerly DrVax) community captures my love for learning new stuff and communicating it to others. While building businesses, first inside of DEC and then at three startups I founded, I had the opportunity to study topics that range from computer technology to accounting, from education to machine learning, from motivation to organizational dynamics. Now I explore topics that tickle my fancy and share my experiences with others.

The MakeWithTech community consists of a YouTube channel at, a website at, a user discussion group focused on home based desktop manufacturing at and most recently an online application where users are able to select model templates and customize them for 3d printing, laser engravers and cutters. provides a unique capability for creating custom 3d models from specialized templates developed in OpenSCAD a script based 3d modeling environment. This two sided business launch a proof of concept in early 2022 with a full product launch scehdule for early 2023.


From 2006 until early 2018 I was the founder and CEO of DialogTech.

DialogTech provided a platform for end-to-end call attribution and conversion essential for data-driven marketers. DialogTech’s platform solved one of the most pressing challenges in today’s mobile-first world by eliminating the black hole inbound calls create in understanding true marketing performance. And as marketers face mounting pressure to drive not only leads but revenue, DialogTech’s platform empowered marketers with the call attribution data needed to confidently invest in campaigns that drive calls, as well as the conversion technology necessary to convert callers into customers. DialogTech served as a strategic partner to over 5,000 enterprises, agencies, and fast-growing companies across a wide variety of industries. For more information visit

As of the April 2018 Dialogtech was approaching 200 employees, with over 3,500 customers and leveraged an investment of $60,000,000 from the venture capital community. Dialogtech processed over 50 million minutes of phone calls on behalf of their customers, manages an inventory of over 4 million phone numbers and services customers worldwide. DialogTech was a member of the INC 500 in 2014.

DialogTech was sold in 2021 to Invoca a competitor in the Voice Analitics marketplace.


In 1999 at the beginninig of the Internet explosion I founded a company with a goal of providing safe Internet access and home school connections to elementary schools. Edventions place centrally managed servers into 130 schools expanding to 40 employees. In 2001 when the technology marketplace faced a significant crash Edventions was sold to Edison Schools an early participant in the charter school movement.

Metamor Technologies

In 1985, I founded Metamor Technologies, which focused its efforts on assisting companies in transitioning their mission-critical computer systems from yesterday to today. Metamor employed more than 500 professionals, located in 4 cities, who serve a wide range of clients from the banking, telecommunications, health care, insurance, retail, and services industries. Up until April of 1997, Metamor was a privately funded and operated company. In April 1997, Metamor was sold to Corestaff, Inc. as described below.Metamor Technologies was a consulting company that specialized in providing technology transition services to a diverse mix of clients. To facility technology transitions, Metamor provided training, client-server development, database and OAT development, internet/intranet services, LAN/wan integration and IT data center outsourcing services. My management and technology expertise contributed to Metamor’s explosive compound annual growth rate of over 60 percent. Metamor was listed among the top 25 Management Consulting firms in Crain’s Chicago Business Daily. In 1994 and 1995 Inc. Magazine ranked Metamor as one of the 500 fastest growing successful businesses in the United States.

During this time I was a leading authority in business strategy, technology transitions, client/server computing, operating systems, networking, and software development methodologies. I wrote a monthly column in the Chicago Computer Guide magazine and was often called upon to speak at industry symposia and seminars throughout the United States and in Europe. Attendees for these functions typically include MIS managers and senior corporate executives from major domestic and international corporations. Over the course of my career, I have led hundreds of seminars and classes ranging in length from hours to days.

At Metamor I was responsible for providing systems and management expertise to leading corporations that include Alcoa, Arthur Andersen, EDS, GTE, Globex, Hughes, Perot Systems, Quill Corporation and United Health Care. My assignments included IT strategy development, the reengineering of corporate technology architectures, technical analysis of corporate networks and application architectures and performance analysis and capacity planning. I worked effectively with people at various levels in their companies – from end users and technical staff to CEOs.

Up until August 1998, I served as Metamor’s President and CEO and provided support to the business as Business Strategist, Chief Technologist, and Director of Marketing. Much of his time was dedicated to the implementation of an acquisition and expansion strategy.

Corestaff Merger

In March of 1997, I worked to orchestrate the acquisition of Metamor by Corestaff. This transaction was originated to provide capital for the rapid expansion of Metamor from a regional to a national firm and to provide liquidity for Metamor’s stockholders. My role expanded to include the strategic acquisition of companies forming the system integration division of Corestaff.

Post acquisition, Metamor continued its growth with an increase in revenues of 62 percent in 1997. The acquisition strategy, which drove the Corestaff merger, was implemented with over ten acquisitions in place. When I left Metamor in August of 1998, Metamor Technologies was poised to complete the year (1998) with over 52 million dollars of revenue. The overall system integration group consisting of 10 plus acquired companies, had 1998 revenues over 250 million dollars.

In support of the enhanced expansion strategy, Corestaff changed their corporate name to Metamor Worldwide and their NASQAQ trading symbol to MMWW.


Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Lord Bissell and Brooks, and LaSalle National Bank.

Finalist in the KMPG Illinois High Tech awards

Metamor Technologies – Inc 500 1994 and 1995
Ifbyphone/Dialogtech – Inc 500 2011

Personal Timeline

YouTube Channel and Community

Cloud Based Marketing Technology Software
2005 – current
Ideation, founder, CEO/CTO, Currently a Board Member

Photography, writing, thinking
Looking for my next project.

Quantitative Hedge Fund
Role: Interim COO

Jemmco was a hedge fund with over $600MMM in the market specializing in dollar neutral equity-based statistical arbitrage. I assisted the founder in managing the funds back-office operations while recruited a permanent COO.

Educational Technology Company
Ideation, founder, CEO/CTO

Edventions provided elementary school technology solutions via an industry first “split ASP” architecture with centrally managed servers.   In 2001 Edventions was sold to Edison Schools.

Metamor Technologies
Consulting and Systems Integration Company
1986 – 1997
CEO/CTO and Founder

Metamor which began as ISA (Irv Shapiro and Associates) grew to over 500 consultants servicing Fortune 5,000 companies world wide.

Digital Equipment Corporation
1980 – 1985
Software Services (Consultant and Manager)

I was employed by Digital Equipment Corporation for more than five years. In the most recent position, I served as the Manager of Digital’s United States Data Communications Expertise Center. In 1984, I was presented with the Key Contributor Award for efforts in forming this Center. In 1982, I was Digital’s Realtime Systems Data Processing Manager on site at Sun Electric Company. For my six-month involvement in this project, I received Digital’s Residence award. In 1981, 1982, and 1983, I was cited for the quality of his consulting efforts and received Digital Excellence Awards.

1978 – 1980
Role: CO-Founder

Microbus provided small businesses with accounting and inventory management systems delivered on Alpha Micro minicomputers.

Regent Printing
1977 - 1978
Family Printing Business


Washington University
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Niles East High School (Skokie, IL.)
1970 – 1973