DrVax: coming to YouTube and the Web

DrVax: coming to YouTube and the Web

I have begun to work on my next business while continuing to contribute to DialogTech as the Chairman of the Board.

I recently celebrated my 63rd birthday, and in conversations with friends and family, I find myself answering questions about technology, the startup world, the venture capital world and anything related to computers or engineering at every meal and social setting.

On the DrVax properties, I explain current technology to a more mature population. The content on DrVax ranges from what is Bitcoin, to how to deploy a website on AWS, to videos about fun technologies from the "maker" community that are ideals as hobbies for recent retirees. Currently, I am having much fun making pens on a desktop lathe, and playing with robots.

In general, the DrVax properties (video and blog) provides me with a way to learn something new every day and share what I learn with others.

I expect DrVax.com to launch by the end of the year both as a website and a youtube channel.