CLEC SIP Application Warehouse White Paper

We are very excited to announce the availability of our partnership program between the telephone carrier community and Ifbyphone. To better understand this initiative lets look together at the evolution of the world wide web and how SIP signaling is following a similar evolution.

When the first generally available web browser, Mosaic, was released by the University of Illinois, it supported the use of the HTTP protocol to access HTML formatted information. Before long millions of users where browsing the web everyday. But it wasn’t until some very creative technologist realized that HTTP could be used to communicate server to server, that the web we know today developed.

The new Ifbyphone CLEC support provides the equivalent evolution of SIP. SIP was initially released as a telephone signaling protocol for voice communications. It has involved into a signaling and setup protocol for voice and video. The Ifbyphone carrier services take SIP to the next level, supporting SIP as a protocol for accessing the industry’s first SIP application warehouse. With this new capability any CLEC or ILEC with SIP support in their softswitch can resell all of the Ifbyphone automated telephone applications. These applications range from a simple parallel find me similar to Google Voice, to complete Voice Broadcast and IVR solutions. Ifbyphone IVR solutions support text-to-speech, speech recognition, DTMF decoding, call recording, and recorded audio playback. All Ifbyphone applications are configured from a very easy to use customer portal with excellent reseller services.

Our white paper describes in more detail our view of the evolving cloud telephony space and its applicability to the CLEC/ILEC community.

**Download Ifbyphone’s White Paper: Cloud Telephony For Carriers & Service Providers **