Talented Chicagoans have few opportunities to join high tech start-ups with explosive growth. This is your opportunity, so keep reading. Ifbyphone is proud to have been chosen two years in a row by the Association of Business Resources (NABR) as one of “Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.” This year Ifbyphone was selected as one of three finalists for the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center Momentum Award which recognizes rising entrepreneurial companies. That was just the beginning. The weekend of July 9th, we are moving to spectacular new offices at 300 W. Adams, Chicago, IL. Our full floor facility includes room for over 110 people, great places to work, ping pong, Xbox 360, mini golf facilities to provoke thoughtful contemplation, and dual 100 megabit fiber connections to our server farm hosted at multiple Equinex facilities. We are looking to hire a senior software architect to join the Ifbyphone team. Our SaaS/Telco infrastructure consists of over 130 dedicated servers operating as an integrated environment and an expanding multiple region Amazon cloud. This infrastructure needs to grow three-to-five times in the next 12 months. Our code base is primarily LAMP with a significant MySQL cluster supporting hundreds of millions of rows of data and growing at tens of millions of rows a month. The Ifbyphone telephony applications are coded in both dynamically generated VXML/CCXML and Ruby utilizing the Adhearsion framework. The right software architect will join a team of very talented people in leading the technology direction of this high growth environment. We are re-engineering all of our core services in state of the art software patterns utilizing continuous integration and automated deployments. This is an opportunity for a talented software engineer to jointly lead this ambitious goal of deploying a fully automated infrastructure scalable to thousands of servers in multiple clouds across multiple data centers. Ifbyphone hires S.W.A.N.s. Swans are Smarter than average, Hard working, Ambitious and Nice. If you have the talent, the drive and the desire to join this ambitious endeavor please contact me directly at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).