MakeWithTech continues to expand with close to 65,000 YouTube subscribers, 3,000 Forum Members and 2,000 Models @ MakeWithTech users. ![September 2022 Update]( Over the last six months, I have committed full-time to the development of the MakeWithTech community. This community now consists of four resources: - The MakeWithTech home page and blog, - A YouTube Channel: https:/, - A very active user community forum where users can discuss their projects, post images and files, and collaborate on solutions is located at, - The newest addition to the MakeWithTech family is a site with hundreds of 3d Printer model templates ready for customization available at Models @ MakeWithTech will revolutionize the hobbyist 3d printing community by providing customizable model templates. Customization consists of filling and a form followed by generating a file appropriate for your 3d printer, laser engraver, laser cutter, or CNC router. The MakeWithTech YouTube channel is approaching 65,000 subscribers, the discussion forum has over 3,000 registered users and over 13,000 posts, and the model template site is approaching 2,000 registered users. I have added staff to help build out the capabilities of Models @ MakeWithTech spread around the world. With designers in Pakistan, OpenSCAD model experts in England, quality assurance team members in Canada and Zimbabwe, and a marketing professional in the USA. I anticipate adding subscription support and additional incentive programs for model template creators in Q1 of 2023. If you have not yet, please visit and look at this unique 3d model site.