![[P1030821.jpg]] In just a 5 months, since the launch of the first DrVax focused video, we have advanced from an idea to a rapidly growing skills and how to YouTube channel.   As of May 2d here are the DrVax statistics: ![](https://cogitations.com/content/images/2019/05/Screen-Shot-2019-05-03-at-3.51.09-PM.png) The DrVax concept has been validated with almost 500,000 minutes of videos watched, over 1,700 subscribers who represent less than 20% of all views so our reach is at least 5x our subscriber base. The revenue numbers are both unimportant and misleading at this time since we just started experiment with multiple revenue channels and the YouTube statistics only show YouTube ad revenue. Our viewers are a bit younger than we anticipated, however we expect this to evolve over time: ![](https://cogitations.com/content/images/2019/05/Screen-Shot-2019-05-03-at-3.53.42-PM.png) We appeal to all genders but currently slant male: ![](https://cogitations.com/content/images/2019/05/Screen-Shot-2019-05-03-at-3.56.03-PM.png) And most important of all our viewers like what they see: ![](https://cogitations.com/content/images/2019/05/Screen-Shot-2019-05-03-at-3.57.20-PM.png)