Ifbyphone CEO wins top prize in 2011 Best in Biz awards ![[IrvShapiro/Attachments/da8b8c6c6b5e11cec4d3bd236cc71850_MD5.webp|"0642ee2"]] [Ifbyphone](http://public.ifbyphone.com/?ref=cogitations.com) founder, CTO and CEO [Irv Shapiro](http://public.ifbyphone.com/about/management/?ref=cogitations.com) is having a well-deserved [Sally Field moment](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_8nAvU0T5Y&ref=cogitations.com): Irv has been named the [Gold winner of the 2011 Best in Biz awards](http://www.bestinbizawards.com/2011-winners-executive/?ref=cogitations.com) in the category of Executive of the Year. This year, more than 150 companies–both public and private–from a variety of industries competed in this prestigious awards program. Chief executive officers, chief operating officers and presidents from all industries in the U.S. were eligible. Earlier this year, awards were judged by independent members of the press and by industry analysts from thought leaders like *[Wired](http://www.wired.com/?ref=cogitations.com)*, *[Portfolio](http://www.portfolio.com/?ref=cogitations.com)*, Insight Media and the *[Financial Times](http://www.ft.com/home/us?ref=cogitations.com)*. The judges award honors in distinctions of Gold, Silver or Bronze to the the top companies, teams, executives and products.