Call Centers Go Mobile

With millions of workers going mobile, working from their cars, homes, hotel rooms and coffee shops, companies providing call center software need to embrace the mobile worker. As highlighted in the following picture with the Ifbyphone Call Distributor solution displayed on an iPad, any employee with a telephone and an iPad is able to fully participate in calls traditionally routed to a on premise or outsourced call center.

Mobile Call Center Display On iPad

Ifbyphone's Call Distributor solutions supports distributing calls to anyone, anywhere, on any type of phone: cell phone, office phone, home phone or VoIP phone. Your agents accepting the call just log into the Call Distributor from their iPad and agent panel is displayed. More importantly a call center or call group manager is able to view the Ifbyphone Call Distributor manager panel with full queue control from any iPad connected to the Internet.

With Ifbyphone's Call Distributor your business is able to leverage the power of a mobile work force and manager that your customer interactions from a highly mobile and low cost iPad.